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Mark Mayer

Mark Mayer, California
Lisa Englert

Lisa Englert, San Francisco
Fred Florence

Fred's Testimonial
Fred's Testimonial
Fred's Testimonial

Fred Florence, Canada
Fred on an ATAC Tour
Dan Doctoroff

"Yep. I'm waiting to take-off in Santiago. I will be back in touch, but thanks for everything. The trip was sweet!

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From: Adventure Tours Argentina Chile
To: Doctoroff, Dan
Sent: Tue Jan 03 00:15:49 2006

Did you make the flights?


Dan Doctoroff, New York
Dan Doctoroff on an ATAC Tour
Oreste Chemelo

Oreste's Testimonial

Oreste Chemelo, Canada
Oreste on an ATAC Tour
Matt and Mia

Matt and Mia's Testimonial

Matt and Mia, Australia
Matt and Mia on an ATAC Tour in Patagonia
William Crombie

Bill's Testimonial

William Crombie, Texas
Bill on an ATAC Tour
Peter Heller

"Just setting down to a yerba--I drive around Huntington Beach, from the break at Magnolia St. to the surf shack, with my thermos and little blue cup--but it really isn't the same with no smoke in my face and Ciro on my left looking like he just robbed the payroll train."

"Hey, still think about the trip. What a hoot. I have yerba mate circles wherever I go. You be good. Oh, happy Thanksgiving.


Peter Heller, Colorado
Peter Heller on an ATAC Tour
Jeff Kenney


Thanks again to you and everybody at ATAC for putting together such a great trip. Copper and I enjoyed it tremendously.

We are moving at the end of the month and will pass along our new address.

Let us know if you would like us to write a testimonial for your site.

All the best,


Jeff and Copper, New York
Jeff and Copper

Bryan Rubin

My Hikes and Hot Springs trip with ATAC in December 2005 exceeded all of my most ambitious expectations. The variety of adventure and challenges was terrific, the accommodations local and comfortable, the food sublime and the guiding of Zach and Robby allowed for fun and spontaneity while keeping to our itinerary. I continually find myself glancing at my calendar, trying to determine the next opportunity to travel south to join ATAC for another great adventure.


I wanted to thank you again for putting on such a tremendous trip - I enjoyed every single second of it. Friends and family have asked me to name my highlights, and it is nearly impossible, as every day was full of amazing adventures, spectacular scenery, tasty food and wine and great laughs.

As I mentioned, I am happy to act as a reference if you ever need one. Best of luck with growing the company, and I look forward to keeping in touch (and maybe even getting down for another trip!)


'Those bikes rock - I can vouch!
Zach - I trust all is going well . . .


Bryan Rubin, New York

Larry Polsinelli

Larry's Testimonial
Larry's Testimonial

Larry Polsinelli, Canada
Larry on an ATAC Tour
Valerie Grady

"Hi Zach,

Our trip was great! Robby was fantastic! We really enjoyed all the activities and the town. It was nice to have an expert on the area and the different opportunities. We barely scratched the surface of very cool things to do. Hopefully we will make it back, if not, on to Argentina. Thank you for all your advice and effort.



Valerie Grady, USA

Lisa's Testimonial

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